Wednesday 13 July 2011

How to Try Things Out

Today we went over to MRO Electronics to buy some sample parts that we needed to source out.  LED lights are not all the same.  There are actually tons of different colours, of different intensities, some with micro-chips and they are powered at a variety of voltages.  We bought a couple different colours and types to test.  Our goal is to have enough materials on hand for anyone to put together a couple of LED lights and batteries and place them within the space to simulate the presence of fireflies.  It may be tough to replicate, but here are some really inspiring images:

Image by Judd Patterson

Image by Steven David Johson

Image by Tom Arthur 

Source Unknown
We tested the following series of LED lights.  We were surprised by variation in colour and intensity (surprisingly, there are like several different types of blue, green, yellow and amber).

Testing for colour and intensity.
After some testing we've decided on diffused green and amber LED lights.  We hope they produce the visual results we're visually looking for on site.

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