Wednesday 27 July 2011

How to Plan a 90 Second Pitch

Summarizing an idea down to 90 seconds is not as easy as it seems.  Google is the best for questions like "How many words in a 90 second speech", but we still really had a hard time narrowing it down.  However, the Calgary Awesome Foundation asks you four major questions: 1) what is your idea? 2) who does it benefit? 3) When and how will it be completed? and 4) how will you use the $1000?

We used index cards to help us narrow down our scope.  Some of them only have one or idea, but they really helped us condense.

Question 1:  What is your idea?

Question 2: Who benefits? 

Question 3:  When will it occur and how will you complete the project?

Question 4:  The obvious question.  We think we'll solve this part of the pitch with a  pie chart.

After deleting some unnecessary thoughts, and moving things around, we were able to organize our thoughts as you see below.  90 seconds is brief!  So we had to be as prepared as possible.

We'll leave it here for now, and we'll show you the final outcome in the next post.

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