Thursday 11 August 2011

PCB Boards and Laser BBQs

Tuesday was a great day, and I wanted to share some of the happenings from this day.  I received the best early morning email from Solarbotic's Jeremie Boulianne.  Jeremie is an R&D specialist at Solarbotics and an opensource and electronics enthusiast.  He is helping design our circuits for the firefly project, and he send us a screen shoot of what the PCB board will look like.  So now on top of 800 LED lights for folks to install in the space, we will have 50 circuits that people can construct on site that will flash and fade just like fireflies.  And look!  They even added the name of our overall project to the PCB board:  Illuminated Landscapes.

Later in the evening I headed from work over to Solarbotics, who was hosting a BBQ for Protospace.  It had the best theme ever.  LASER BBQ.  Protospace provided delicious BBQ while the folks over at Solarbotics gave everyone access to their laser-cutter!  My friend Dana, who is also one of the Choose Yer Own Festival coordinators designed me the best necklace ever.  Based on a line from my favourite puppets here.  
Image: Faby Martin
Image: Faby Martin
Image: Faby Martin
Protospace hosted this BBQ to discuss their current plans to re-launch Calgary`s hack space scene.  The directors who presented (Ben Reed and Andrew Preece) are articulate, driven and ready for action; follow Protospace here.  I presented about our collaboration with Protospace and Solarbotics and Dana presented about Choose Yer Own.  The reception was great, and we even got a couple of folks to volunteer their soldering irons for Friday night.  
Dave Hrynkiw showing us a 3D printer in action.  

We hope to see some of the Solarbotics and Protospace folks out on Friday night.  It's going to be a blast.

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